Key Marketing Funcionality

Basic Features
  • The Listing of products is free of charge for Suppliers
  • Differentiated product categories offer major marketing opportunities (like "ability to make"). Detailed product categories are:
    • C: Commercial (own production)
    • P: Pilot (own production)
    • L: Lab (own production)
    • A: Ability to make
    • W: Waste (own production)
    • T: Traded
    • S: Sales Product
  • Suppliers define the level of information disclosed and shown to users. Examples:
    • "ability to make" only to large pharmaceutical accounts with a turnover > 1 billion USD
    • only to companies in Europe or USA or Japan or...
    • only to named accounts
    • do not show to selected / named competitors
    • other customized options requested by the supplier
Optional Promotional Tools
  • Suppliers can book disc space for promotion of their company at a discounted rate. Disc space can be filled with presentations, pictures, video-tours etc. (20 MB at CHF 250.-/year; 100 MB at CHF 500.-/year; 1 GB at CHF 1000.-/year; 4 GB at CHF 2000.-/year; more space by quotation). If you wish to highlight your company on each product search result , to indicate that you have loaded some additional files and information in Chess-com on the supplier details page, you can do so for CHF 200.-/year. More details are available from
  • A paid service for the introduction of the supplier of the month will be available beginning 2014
Discounts and Rewards
  • Suppliers can receive rewards for suggestions of new and improved functionalities.
  • Purchasing Managers of suppliers get a free trial period of 6 weeks and a rebate upon orders for the tool if the sales department recommends them
  • Suppliers receive additional discounts for their own orders of the tool, if they invite purchasing managers from customers to test the tool.