Key Sourcing Functionality

  • Chess-Com is created from sourcing experts for sourcing experts (FSE 2 members are welcome to help us to improve the tool further)
  • A personal login is needed to allow full functionality of the tool (suppliers can select what information they show to whom)
  • Seven product categories offer selective sourcing approaches. Detailed product categories are:
    • C: Commercial (own production)
    • P: Pilot (own production)
    • L: Lab (own production)
    • A: Ability to make
    • W: Waste (own production)
    • T: Traded
    • S: Sales Product
  • "Ability to make" offers great sourcing opportunities and gives users an insight into a supplier's capabilities.
  • The collaborative tool (internal and external) allows to introduce ratings of suppliers and to share this info with colleagues from your own company or with other external purchasing managers. The rating system of suppliers is comparable to existing tools.
  • Users can build groups of peers and share selected data amongst each other (Safety-Health-Environment, Quality, Sustainability, Code of Conduct and other Reports). Thus reducing the amount of audits significantly.
  • The full price version contains no unwanted or distracting sales adds
  • Customized searching tools are available (e.g. alert for new listings which sourcing manager has searched for the last 3/6/12 months)
  • The first extension of Chess-com will offer a full chemical sourcing process flow in an easy to use tool - Requestor (chemist from your company places sourcing request). Sourcing manager sends out inquiries, incoming quotes are recorded (optionally in a low wage country), Requestor gets a predefined alert of the quotes and the sourcing progress status. Full process on request completely encrypted - The sourcing software offered is either incorporated in Chess-Com or hosted as stand-alone server for your company within the Chess- Com environment or in the customers own environment
Discounts and Rewards
  • Users can receive discounts and rewards for suggestion of new and improved functionalities
  • Users receive discounts and rewards if they invite new companies to load their supply list to the tool