CHESS-COM the new CHEmical Sourcing System and COMmunication tool for the chemical sourcing community.

FSE 2 is our concept. It was created From Sourcing Experts For Sourcing Experts.

Outstanding functionalities
  • Collaborative tool allows sharing of info with colleagues from own company, peer groups and the whole chemical sourcing community
  • 7 product categories, especially "ability to make" offers great new sourcing opportunities.
    • C: Commercial (own production)
    • P: Pilot (own production)
    • L: Lab (own production)
    • A: Ability to make
    • W: Waste (own production)
    • T: Traded
    • S: Sales Product
  • Color coding for several Key Indicators (like amount of products by number of employees of supplier, etc.)
  • The Listing of products is free of charge for Suppliers
  • Suppliers can choose what information to show to different groups (see more details under Supplier Functionality )
  • No advertisement for full price version
  • First planned extension: Fully fletched sourcing tool

More details you can find under Sourcing Functionality

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